Dedicated to our drivers & the environment

At ERH Refrigerated Transport, we take a holistic approach to excellence. While ensuring the safe and timely delivery of your temperature-sensitive products is our top priority, we are equally committed to operating with the utmost responsibility.

Fully accredited & qualified

At ERH Refrigerated Transport, safety is more than just a promise; it’s a core principle reflected in our rigorous commitment to industry certifications. We maintain a fleet of fully accredited vehicles that meet the strictest safety and maintenance standards. Our team is comprised of highly trained and qualified professionals who prioritise safe driving practices and meticulous cargo handling. This unwavering dedication to safety and compliance ensures complete peace of mind, knowing your valuable products are in the most capable hands.

National Heavy Vehicle Regulator
ERH Refrigerated Transport recognises the importance of our industry’s governing body, by maintaining accreditation under the NHVAS scheme.

Our vehicles are all registered under the Performance Based Standards, along with NHVAS Mass and Maintenance accreditation, all maintained by our full-time Compliance Manager.

Fatigue Management

Our drivers hold BFM certification and operate under our NHVAS accreditation.
This initiative provides greater flexibility to the transport task, ensuring your freight is delivered safely, on time, every time.

Mass Management

Every one of our vehicles are accredited under NHVAS Mass Management.
This accreditation provides our valued customers with the opportunity to transport greater volumes, to meet the ever-increasing demands on their supply chain.

HACCP Accredited

ERH holds HACCP accreditation, meaning your goods are managed to ensure the cold chain is maintained throughout the journey, arriving at the destination intact, at the correct temperature, fresh to the consumer.

In-cab cameras

ERH vehicles are fitted with the latest in-cab cameras. Through facial recognition technology, they’re capable of identifying signs of fatigue, alerting the driver and operational staff, all in a matter of seconds.

Following chain of responsibility

ERH Refrigerated Transport adheres to the Chain of Responsibility (CoR) principles. This collaborative approach ensures everyone involved in the supply chain – from packer to receiver – shares accountability for safety and compliance. By working together, we can minimise risks, ensure the well-being of our people and the environment, and ultimately, deliver your products safely and on time.

Dedicated to reducing our carbon footprint

At ERH, environmental responsibility is a core value. We’re dedicated to reducing our carbon footprint through continuous improvement. This includes optimising routes, utilising eco-friendly technologies, and prioritising sustainable practices throughout our operations. By minimising our environmental impact, we contribute to a greener future for all.